Yak Wool is Here to Stay, Here’s Why

Kora Yak wool

Kora’s yak wool outperforms merino wool in warmth, breathability, softness, and moisture-wicking. Step Aside Merino, Yak Wool Is Here to Stay.

In the apparel industry, new and innovative fabrics are constantly emerging. Today, one of the most popular fabric choices is merino wool, which is known for its breathability, warmth, and moisture-wicking properties. But, a different fabric on the market has proven to be 40% warmer, 66% more breathable, and 17% faster at transporting water vapor away from the skin. Say hello to yak wool.

Himalayan nomads have been wearing yak wool for centuries, but kora is the first company to develop this astonishing fiber into high-performance technical fabrics for outdoor adventurers.  

Why yak wool?

While merino sheep live at around 3,200 feet above sea level, yaks live in a more challenging environment. They endure hail, ice, wind and rain at 16,400 – 19,600 feet altitude. A study by Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Sport & Exercise Science has shown that when exercising in low temperatures, base layers made with Hima-Layer™ Original 230 maintain core body temperature better than synthetic or merino base layers.

During the test, researchers measured the surface temperature of the test subjects’ skin to see how much heat they were losing while running. The test subjects who wore yak wool lost an average of only 3.5˚C, compared to a 6˚C drop when wearing merino and 8˚C when wearing polyester. The less energy you burn to stay warm, the more you can dedicate to activity. So, if you plan to exercise in cold conditions, kora base layers are your best choice.

Similar to merino, it’s naturally odor-resistant so you can wear for days without noticing a difference in smell. The best part? Kora’s wool is extremely soft – similar to cashmere – keeping you cozy and comfortable all day long.

Kora’s Fabrics and Products


Hima-Layer™ Original 230 is a pure yak wool base layer fabric with remarkable temperature-regulating properties. You can find the Hima-Layer Original 230 fabric in the Shola Crew base layer and Shola Zip base layer tops, Shola Leggings and Shola 3/4 Leggings , Shola Men’s Shorts ,  and Tarn Gaiter .


Hima-Layer™ Stratam 350 is an innovative dual-layer fabric designed for use in mid-layers. It features superfine yak wool on the inside and DuPont™ Sorona®, a renewably-sourced biopolymer, on the outside. You can find Hima-Layer Stratam 350 in the Azog Hooded Jacket , Azog Jersey, and the Holocene Vest


Yardang 240 is the newest offering from kora’s in-house development brand, Hima-Layer™. Combining super-fine merino with a dash of the finest yak wool to make an ultra-soft, robust interlock knit fabric with augmented warmth – for – weight – think of it as a supercharged Merino. The Yardang 240 fabric can be found in the Xenolith Sweater.

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