XPDTN3 JAPAN “Super Forest Road”

XPDTN3 explorer Marc Gasch join local guides Hayato Higuchi and Minsu Oh on a 3 day trip around Mount Tsurugi , Japan. Full story, info, GPS files and photo gallery at https://xpdtn3.club/trip/mt–tsurugi-…

Riding the ‘Super Forest Road’ of┬áMt Tsurugi could easily be placed at the top of our bucket list. As the XPDTN3 team explains, ‘When we started planning our trip to Japan with our Exploro gravel bikes, all options were open. Looking for something close to Tokyo? Heading North to the Hokkaido island? Maybe Okinawa would be cool? After getting in touch with our friends at ASAHI, their crew suggested a perfect gravel route that crosses the southern island, a 2 hour drive from their headquarters in Osaka, and the perfect location for a 3 day bikepacking trip. The ‘Super Forest Road’ located at the foot of Mount Tsurugi.’

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