Winter In Yosemite Valley

Yosemite National Park offers some of the most stunning scenic views on the planet; throughout the entire year. When winter brings its consistent snowfall, the entire landscape changes, transforming into a magical wonderland of powder-covered rock and trees.

Here’s a look into what you might see on your very own Yosemite adventure, according to the firs than account of Rudy Wilms:

“The valley is an endless place of wonders naturalist John Muir called it “Incomparable Valley.” got to agree. Big difference in winter is that you see much more wildlife from all the times we been there in the past we only saw a squirrel and maybe a deer, this time we were lucky to see coyotes (to fast to film did take pictures) plenty of deer and most exited we saw bobcat and was able to make a shot of him. Also big difference In the winter the waterfalls have much more water and the natural ice sculptures are really impressive especially bridalveil falls since it hardly gets sunlight even when filming the spray of the fall turned to ice on our gear so had to keep eye on that. We hope you enjoy watching the film as much as we enjoyed our time in Yosemite with all its winter wonders.”

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