Why We Need Quiet Spaces

From technical apparel company Pertex, Elemental Journeys: To Become Known follows a young woman who reflects on how her experiences in the mountains shape her interactions in the modern world.

If you have been searching for an explanation as to why you (as a human) are addicted to nature and adventure, this message is for you. In a world overrun by social media and digital chaos, many humans feel lost, unable to find inner peace or content. Even for those of us who work in the outdoor industry or have schedules that allow for a weekend ride, run or climb it never feels like enough to truly slow us down. As this short film from Outside displays, we can and should rely on the mountains for this much needed break from life, daily life. In fact, it’s OK to check out, turn off and ignore all of the crap Monday through Friday brings; just be free and let the mountains work their magic.

The real question is: can you do this?

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