Watch This Guy Slackline the Moai Tower

Nestled away in Fortescue Bay on the south east coast of Tasmania, Australia sits the 105 foot tall abrasive dolerite rock formation called Moai Tower. While this is more commonly a climbing route Ryan Paul Robinson had other ideas. Check out this jaw-dropping slackfline. As a location that climbers often drool over, it’s no surprise that Ryan saw this as a prime opportunity to film some of the most remarkable slackline footage that a GoPro has seen. It’s grassroots videos such as this that remind you what humans are capable of.

Tasmania is undoubtedly home to some of the most surreal geography on the glove and the Moai Tower is a prime example. What you might not understand is just how exposed you are when climbing vertical route of this magnitude. With the wind and swaying tides you better hope that your senses are on point for a stunt like this.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera
Captured and submitted by GoPro Awards recipient Ryan Paul Robinson. Submit your best photos, raw clips and video edits here:

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