Volcanic Journey On Indonesia

In may 2016, Guillaume JUIN¬† from France,¬†traveled in INDONESIA. They didn’t really see the beautiful beaches of Bali that you might expect, but rather the volcanos of lombok, java and bali, their caves, seabeds and their culture. Similar to the size of the United States, Indonesia consists for over 13,000 islands. It also happens to have the greatest density of active volcanoes on earth — an exciting statistic for any lava-seeking explorer. 76% of the countries volcanoes stretch from northwest Sumatra to the Band Sea — an incredible region to visit for stunning film and photography. If you’re looking to get your feet on some lava rock, Sumatra, Java, and Lombok are places you can start researching immediately. Here’s a look at what you might find:

Using only my A7S, little tripod, 3 lenses (24-70, 14mm, 70-300), and goprohero3+black.

music from premiumbeat.com.

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