Urban Freeride Lives 3: Fabio Wibmer Shreds Paris and Lyon

Urban Freeride is back. It’s go-time in Lyon to Paris and Fabio Wibmer holds nothing back in this latest video. With the Eiffel Tower in his sights, Fabio’s journey through the city reveals a kamikaze rider that’s either fearless or too skilled for his own good — or both. Follow along (if you can keep up) and be prepared to never look at riding in the city the same way ever again.

Here’s what Fabio had to say about the film:

Urban Freeride Lives 3 definitely has been my raddest production yet. I really had to improve my riding and push my limits to get some of these shots done. Shooting in France with the boys was good fun, but not always that easy. We surely had a few risky and gnarly situations to master.

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