‘Untamed, Wyoming’s Red Desert’

Nicolaus Wegner set out to capture the beauty of Wyomings Red Desert, all for the sake of his baby daughter. Someday, like many of us outdoor enthusiasts, we hope that our kids will lay eyes on the beautiful places we hold dear to our heart. Like most of the country, large portions of the Red Desert have seen a fair share of development. But there are still a handful of pristine, wilderness quality areas scattered throughout the vast landscape, and a majority of them are surrounded by large sections of public land. This video is a wandering tour through many of those locations.

Areas photographed in this video:

Alkali Draw Wilderness Study Area

Devil’s Playground Wilderness Study Area

Honeycomb Buttes Wilderness Study Area

Oregon Buttes Wilderness Study Area

Red Creek Badlands Wilderness Study Area

Twin Buttes Wilderness Study Area

Big Sandy Foothills with focus on Elk Mountain and Prospect Mountains

Cedar Mountain

Kinney Rim

As Nick says best, “We’ve already lost the wildness of the skies above us, and that is the price of progress. That is not yet the case for the wilderness under our feet.”

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