Unknown Country: Jake Wells

Have you imagined being a super-athlete, able to complete bike races that cover absurd distances? Maybe you’ve dreamed about competing in a grueling bike race that covers over 300 miles on dirt and gravel such as the Dirty Kanza XL? The truth is most will only dream about these achievements. But that’s OK. Because, as this film shows, we aren’t built like Jake Wells.

Not only is Jake Wells a husband, father, and business owner, he’s a 3x National Single Speed Cyclocross Champion. In 2019, he set out to inspire and motivate others by pushing his own physical limits into unknown country. In the end, he did just that. Unknown Country explores the motivation behind Jake’s quest to discover these limits and how sport, as a metaphor for life, can inspire us all.

Unknown Country was directed by Justin Balog and produced by Mixed Media Machine

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