Two Water Purifiers for the Futurist Backpacker and Traveler Promise Protection and Easy Use


Backpackers and travelers have two state-of-the-art water purifier systems coming soon. Here’s what we know so far about the future of purifiers form MSR and Platypus.

From Mountain Safety Research (MSR), the Guardian™ Gravity Purifier is a state-of-the-art, versatile, high-volume water purifier—and the only gravity purifier on the market that meets the rigorous NSF protocol P248 military testing standard. It’s also the only gravity purifier to offer that level of protection with such a fast flow rate, delivering 1 liter in 2 minutes, which is 2.5 times faster than the next closest competitor.

MSR Guardian Purifier

MSR Guardian Gravity Purifier

Using the advanced hollow fiber technology of MSR’s award-winning Guardian Pump™, this gravity-powered sibling features two-stage purification: a .02 micron hollow fiber membrane that removes viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and particulate; and activated carbon to reduce chemicals, tastes and odors.

Both the original Guardian™ Pump and new Guardian™ Gravity Purifier stand out because they remove not just bacteria and protozoa, but the tiniest waterborne pathogens—viruses—as well, which are of greater concern as more and more people visit the backcountry with less regard for their waste. With the new Guardian™ Gravity Purifier you get this high level of protection in a high-volume, versatile, convenient system that serves all of your daily water needs quickly and easily.

The Guardian™ Gravity Purifier meets the rigorous NSF Protocol P248 testing standard used by the U.S. military, which is the strictest scientific standard for verifying that a device safely removes microbiological threats from all types of backcountry water. To meet the full standard, products must complete a 10-day test challenged with both contaminated tap water and extremely dirty, “worst-case scenario” water that is worse than any water likely to be found in the backcountry.

Every MSR filter and purifier, including the new Guardian™ Gravity Purifier, passes the full 10-day test—at the beginning, middle and even end of the cartridge’s life. Furthermore, because MSR has an in-house lab, all filters and purifiers are able to be tested throughout different stages of production, in different user scenarios, and before each and every product goes out the door.

MSR Guardian Water Purifier Specs:

Flow rate: 1 liter/2 minutes

Capacity: up to 3,000 liters

Weight: 18.7 oz

Price: $249.95 USD

Platypus QuickDraw MicroFilter Purifier
Platypus Quickdraw Microfilter

Platypus, the leader in taste-free and durable hydration and filtration systems, introduces the QuickDraw™ Microfilter System, its first foray into the ultralight personal water filtration market. This premier filtration system is incredibly intuitive, simple to use, fast, and durable. The QuickDraw™ will be available to consumers starting Spring 2021. 

The QuickDraw™ Microfilter uses a .2-micron hollow fiber cartridge to remove 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa as required by the NSF P231 standard. This affordable filter is not only designed to keep users safe with its high-performance technology, it also offers a fantastic user experience.

The QuickDraw™ is ready to go out of the box and features the sturdy, flip-to-open clean side cap design from the Platypus DuoLock bottle, a grippy-but-not-sticky filter cartridge over mold, and an easy-to-fill extra-wide mouth reservoir with a convenient handle. The dirty side cap creates a reliable seal to prevent any seepage, ensuring dirty water cannot contaminate the clean side or any belongings in a pack.

To use the QuickDraw™ Microfilter System simply fill the reservoir to capacity, thread the dirty side of the filter cartridge into the reservoir, invert the system while positioning the spout over your clean reservoir, and squeeze.

Unlike most comparable filtration systems, the QuickDraw user has the ability to quickly perform an integrity check should it be dropped or frozen to determine if it’s still safe to use. It also features an easy shake-to-clean technique that allows the QuickDraw™ to maintain fast flow rates for the duration of its life with no disassembly or back-flushing. In the end, it’s the details—from the tiny to the critical—refined for the best user experience on the market that set the QuickDraw apart. 

Platypus QuickDraw™ Microfilter System Specs:

Weight: 3.6 oz. (101 grams), Microfilter without the reservoir weighs 2.2 oz. (61 grams)

Flow rate: up to 3L per minute

Capacity: Approximately 1,000 liters of real backcountry water (dependent on water quality)

Price: $39.95 USD | $29.95 USD

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