Trek Fuel EXe: Why Your E-Bike Acoustics Matter

When we’re on the trail and connecting with nature, we don’t want to hear more than the sound of our tires on the dirt, the wind through the trees, and the hoots and hollers of our riding crew. Until now, e-bikes have pulled us away from that experience with high-pitched motors that take us out of the element. Fuel EXe is different. It’s not only quieter—it’s less annoying.

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Key features include:

360-Watt Hour Battery: With the ability to power 2 to 5 hours of riding, the battery is neatly concealed in the downtube and can be easily removed for travel. For those looking to ride further and longer, a 160-watt hour Range Extender fits neatly inside the bottle cage and can be added for an easy 40% increase in range.

OLED Display: Mounted flush into the top tube, a two-inch OLED display allows riders to see every detail they need from above while keeping a discrete appearance from the side. A single button turns the system on and off and toggles through riding screens. The sleek display pairs with a small and discrete handlebar remote that features two buttons to allow riders to toggle through support modes and access walk assist. 

HPR50 Motor: The motor was developed in partnership with German robotics manufacturer TQ, and forgoes noisy belts and gears that can wear out in favor of a sophisticated system that feels smooth, natural, and is barely audible. Rather than hearing the whine of a motor, riders experience the wind through trees, tires on dirt, and the cheers of friends, all of the things that make a mountain bike ride truly special.

An Efficient Ride: Fuel EXe rolls on 29-inch wheels with 140 mm of rear travel paired with a 150 mm fork. The geometry is fine-tuned for stability on steep, high-speed descents and an efficient pedaling position for climbing.

Trek Central App: For total user tunability, Trek has developed a new app that seamlessly connects with Fuel EXe. Trek Central allows riders to customize the tune of their motor, track activity, map rides, suggest or monitor tire and suspension pressure and get real-time range calculations.

Where to next? Although the Trek Fuel EXe will be at home in your backyard, these regions offer unimaginable terrain:

Bentonville, AR

Moab, UT

Brevard, NC

Kingdom Trails, East Burke VT

Bend, Oregon

Crested Butte, CO

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