Trailblazing New Slopes in the Ski Industry

During ski season, slopes throughout the country become increasingly more crowded. But with the Montana mountainside and a little ingenuity, The Great Northern Powder Guides can always offer skiers a private run.

The Magic Place, the latest installment in The Sky’s the Limit video series from the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development, features the Great Northern Powder Guides—the only backcountry snowcat ski guides in Montana. Located near the world famous ski town of Whitefish, adventure seekers can travel farther into the backcountry than ever before possible for an unforgettable ski trip.

“You have thousands of acres to ski that’s yours,” said Jay Sandelin. “You can ski run after run without seeing another track, without seeing anyone else.”

The Sandelins take both seasoned and young thrill seekers off trail and far into the backcountry using customized snowcats— fully tracked vehicles designed to move on deep snow. The result is a truly unique Montana experience: a heart-racing ski through untouched snows of the Stillwater State Forest.

“The goal is to give them an experience that they’ve never had before,” said Jay.

In addition to watching Ky and Jay’s story, check out our list of Montana’s 6 best off-trail sights and experiences, which includes spotting local wildlife, staying in a remote yet comfortable cabin or lodge and taking a sleigh ride dinner tour through the mountains.

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