The Zoom Tube Monocular, a Tool to See Your World up Close and From Afar

Nocs Provisions Monocular

Ultralight, high-quality optics fit in the palm of your hand

Nocs Provisions, maker of durable, adventure-ready binoculars and accessories, launched the Zoom Tube 8×32 Monocular Telescope, the newest addition to the brand’s range of outdoor optics. The ultimate lightweight exploration tool, the Zoom Tube is small enough to pack for any excursion yet with optics that pack a serious punch. Rugged and water-resistant, the Zoom Tube is built to get out deep into the field and help explore and your surroundings. 

The Zoom Tube is 8×32 (8x magnification/32mm lens aperture), the equivalent of a 400mm zoom lens. Featuring Swiss-designed Bak4 prisms, each piece of glass on the Zoom Tube is coated multiple times to reduce chromatic aberration and provide more brightness. With a wide field of view (384ft @ 1000 yds /  7.3º) the Zoom Tube allows you to see an extremely wide range while maintaining a close focus of 2M (7ft) for viewing nature’s smaller details. The oversize eyepiece lens is excellent for spotting moving objects like birds or your friend catching a wave. 

Zoom Tube Monocular

“We’re stoked to introduce the Zoom Tube 8×32 Monocular as a new addition to our optics line. The Zoom Tube, paired with our Inspector Microscope attachment, provides for viewing the micro and macro, in a size that fits in any pocket” said Nocs Provisions founder and CEO, Chris McKleroy. “We want people to really use our products – take them out, beat them up, and see deeper. The Zoom Tube is so compact and lightweight there’s really no reason to leave it behind.”

Nocs Zoom Tube Monocular

Nocs Provisions Zoom Tube Monocular Specs

Nocs is also introducing the Inspector Microscope, an add-on attachment that multiplies the power of the Zoom Tube by 4x and converts it into a 32x power microscope, allowing you to see beyond what meets the eye, such as tiny details like a butterfly’s wings or snow crystals. 

The Zoom Tube is tripod compatible, which pairs perfectly with the Peak Design Capture Clip for mounting on a backpack strap or bag, making the Zoom Tube ready at hand whenever you need it. 

Nocs Provisions Monocular

The Zoom Tube retails for $75, the Inspector Microscope for $35, and the Capture Clip for $69. The three can be purchased together in the Citizen Scientist bundle for $165. 

The Zoom Tube is available in Tar Pit Black and Beeswax Yellow, with five more colors (Juniper Green, Indigo Blue, Manzanita Red, and Safety Orange) coming out this summer. The Zoom Tube is available along with the accessories at

Nocs Provisions’ Plastic Free Packaging

The United States produces more plastic packaging waste per capita than any other country. This throwaway plastic packaging makes up 40 percent of all plastic, with most ending up in landfills; the rest is incinerated or recycled. So, how can you help? While lessening your personal impact won’t change everything, it is important to take baby steps toward the broader goal. An easy change everyone can make is to consider your environmental impact with consumer packaged goods. This is why Nocs Provisions uses plastic-free packaging for all their products so you can feel better about buying.  

The packaging from Nocs Provisions is entirely plastic-free, using post-consumer recycled cardboard and soy ink printing. The box can be shipped on its own and is constructed in a way that requires no glue. The interior scaffolding, made from a single piece of cardboard, holds the product in place, stores accessories, and protects the product from impacts.

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