The Sea Lion Whisperer

Growing up with wild Sea lions — they’re chubby and even cuddly-looking. But some people claim they’re territorial and aggressive. Not freediver Galyn Franklin. He’s been swimming up close and personal with them since he was a child and has developed a close relationship with the animals. For Franklin, swimming with wild sea lions is like visiting the local dog park.

Just like any wild animal there is an inherent risk in entering their environment. If you accept that risk both incredible and horribly dangerous things can happen. As local resident to the California coast we are right there with Galyn Franklin. It’s an unbelievable feeling to interact with marine life when very few people understand the meaning it brings to ones life. No matter how live changing the experience can be it’s simply not for everyone and only  few have the skill and mindset to dive with wildlife in the safest possible manner.

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