The Masi Brunello GRX11Gravel Bike Delivers Stability and Confidence in the Dirt

Masi Brunello GRX11 gravel bike

There’s so much to admire about the Masi Brunello GX11 gravel bike, from its sleek appearance to its inoffensive price tag. After spending three weeks riding my local fire roads and xc mountain bike trails, I must shout one thing from the mountain top: the Masi Brunello GRX11 is stable, sturdy, and ultra-capable in the dirt. In this post, I share what I liked the most about Masi’s newest gravel bike and why I believe more riders should consider Brunello when purchasing a new do-it-all drop-bar bike.

Masi Brunello GRX11 First Impressions

Cyclist standing next to his Masi gravel bike on a dirt trail

Step one: Make the bike look good. Masi nailed the design and aesthetics of the Brunello frame. If it was sold as a frame-only option, we’d see many more on the road and trails — we’ll save the supply chain jokes for another day. 

I first noticed the attractive shape of the top-tube, seat-stays, and fork. The three provide symmetry and balance both on and off the bike. The benefits include responsiveness and rigidity in the right places, smooth joints, and massive tire clearance for a performance-minded gravel grinder.

The bike looks charged with energy, just waiting for you to sprint out of the saddle. The curvy full-carbon fork with internal brake routing and stiff aluminum frame provided an impressive pedal response. The standover height is less than some competing gravel bikes; however, the whole bike feels more compact between the wheels thanks to the dropped chainstay, and it’s incredibly maneuverable on every riding surface as a result. In fact, I was shocked upon entering my first banked corner; the bike was sure-footed but lively in the loose gravel.

Frame Features from Masi

Masi Brunello GRX11 gravel bike

You won’t find the matte green/pink fade on many other bikes, which makes the Brunello GRX11 unique. I’m a fan of the muted colors and absence of bright racing colors. The bike looks trendy and that’s a good thing. If you demand a touch of color, integrate safety yellow or orange into your kit. Dialed. Masi also kept branding and decals to a minimum. No billboard with pedals here.

Masi Brunello GRX11 gravel bike
  • Butted, formed, and smooth welded gravel-specific aluminum frame
  • Full-carbon fork
  • 12mm thru-axles
  • Shimano GRX 600 1X 11-speed drivetrain
  • 650b or 700c compatible
  • 700x45c tire clearance
  • Dropper post compatible
  • Gravel-Specific Details 
Masi Brunello GRX11 gravel bike
Masi Brunello GRX11 front view

I don’t mind the stock bars and stem from Masi. One’s setup is never final these days with endless options for bar length, rise, and flare. Switch it up. Have fun. Isn’t that what graveling is about? I could go wider since I spend more time on the loose stuff, but I felt comfortable and confident during my testing period. Your bike can benefit from a personal saddle and post choice though, something you’ve ridden before and know works well for YOU. If you have room in your budget, splurge on a quality wheel set first. This bike will shine.

Shimano GRX Drivetrain

Masi Brunello GRX11 gravel bike

What’s not to like? Masi includes a mix of 600 and 800 from the brakes to the chainset, which is like mixing Ultegra and 105. If you’re not racing, you won’t notice much difference in weight. The included kit is more than durable and performs well in the 1x setup, especially on the trail. I tested the bike in a predominantly sandy, dusty environment. No shifting issues were recorded. And the GRX 600 series crankset offers tighter gear steps for enhanced pedaling rhythm on the rough stuff. Well done, Masi.

I mentioned the bike’s good looks, but what about its function? Masi positioned the GRX11 for the road enthusiast turned gravel cyclist. These details support their vision.

  • Bento box mounts — great for the road, gravel, and bike packing 
  • Fork mounts — never enough carry options for the adventurous rider
  • Rack mounts — hidden in the chainstays (thank you!)
  • Fender mounts — a lifesaver for winter training or commuting
  • Huge tire clearance — 700×45 and then some

Bike geometry 

Cyclist standing next to his Masi gravel bike
Masi Brunello GRX11 Sizing

Before you go

Weighing 22.2 lbs, the Brunello achieves form and function at a great price. If you want a do-it-all drop-bar bike or all-road machine, I highly recommend Masi’s GRX11 option. The GRX22 is nearly identical, offering more gearing if you want to spend more time on the pavement. If you’re on the fence about aluminum but don’t want to spend carbon or quality steel prices, choose this bike, upgrade the wheels and saddle, and hit the dirt. I imagine you’ll look back and feel good about your purchase. 

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