The Last Guardians: Tribes of the Ecuadorian Amazon

The Last Guardians takes viewers to the Ecuadorian Amazon to further understand the struggle of indigenous community members as they defend their land and culture against the threats they face from extractive industries.

The Last Guardians offers a unique insight into the way that indigenous people live and see the world, and also a warning of what the world stands to lose if their rights and beliefs are not respected.

The film tells the story of two tribes in the Ecuadorian Amazon as they struggle to preserve their culture and way of life against the encroachment of oil companies.

Shot with the Sapara and Kichwa Nations, their messages resonate strongly in our era of climate crisis and environmental degradation, adding to the rising tide of awareness on the great value of indigenous knowledge at this time for the global community. 20% of revenue from Vimeo sales donated to the communities featured. See our website for more information and to subscribe to the mailing list.

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