The Friendly Whale: Drone Footage of Humpbacks in Antarctica

Antarctica; dream destination for those seeking the ultimate adventure, including nowhere-else-on-earth landscapes, wildlife that you only see on documentaries, and the rarest of photographic opportunities. It’s enough to get my blood pumping. But what if there was even more to this ‘cool’ paradise of the North? Like playful whales! Well, while filming their upcoming film, The Map to Paradise, this crew floated into what appeared to be a Humpback Whale fun zone. The footage is unbelievable. Enjoy.

In this behind-the-scene clip from The Map to Paradise documentary, a drone pilot films an unusual encounter with a humpback whale while collecting data for the marine mammal research team on board the One Ocean Expedition voyage to Antarctica.

Research team leader Associate Professor Ari Friedlaender, University of California, features as a key hero in the documentary –

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