The Fabric of Success: Inside Peak Design

Peak Design San Francisco
Peak Design team

Four bikes hang as art, suspended from the ceiling of Peak Design’s office on 20th and 3rd St. in San Francisco’s Dogpatch District. To the right of me, a lounge, and to the left an open kitchen where the team meets to discuss the plans of its new flagship store in Haze Valley.

Every wall needs reclaimed wood and bags. Lots and lots of bags.

Carefully curated on the walls, Peak Design’s full product line of bags, pouches, clips, and straps, serves as inspiration for what’s to come from this uber creative team of photography enthusiasts and design practitioners.

Ceiling bike rack
Peak Design office with ceiling bike mounts.

Ceiling bike rack

Peak Design’s new flagship store will not only serve as a place to buy their gear off the shelf, It will also be as an educational hub where photographers and seasoned adventurers will consult enthusiasts on how to choose the best Peak Design gear for their needs.

We plan to host weekly workshops, where people can network and learn, and even try our CFO’s freshly brewed beer,” says, Sales Lead, Daniel Chimenti.    

Since its inception, the Peak Design team has grown to thirty full-time employees, who all strive to live and breathe the (Peak Design) company’s mission:

  • Make The Best Things
  • Succeed At The Expense of Nobody
  • Treat Our Customers as Peers
  • Offset Our Environmental Impact
  • Use Our Voice To Inspire Positive Change
  • Prioritize Happiness Over Growth

The fabric of our success? Founder, Peter Dering says, “Hire Funny People.” Now, this is a mindset we want to hear more about!

The Peak Design team, built from friends, friends of friends, and random bar acquaintances has crafted over fifty different products, and have surpassed six kickstarter campaigns with crowdfunding exceeding 28 million dollars — an unbelievable achievement! This team prides itself on simplistic yet thoughtful design. And it just plain works.

Speaking of achievements, have you seen their new Kickstarter? They have a few redesigns in the works and we can’t wait to get our hands on them. Life without the Peak Design Capture would barely be worth living…

“We are truly a family; each person serves a purpose and provides meaning for our products, from design to supply chain to retail,” Chimenti explains.  

On October 19th, the team released its latest photography carry gear – a black-on-black upgrade for the popular ‘Everyday Backpack,’ a modern design of technical proficiency for the next generation of doers and seekers — a testament to their core principles. (Peak Design Everyday Backpack Review)

Last month Peak Design’s hosted its second annual Summ1t, a celebration of inspiration and collaboration connecting creatives and environmentalists alike. Including 17-year old climate activist/hip-hop artist, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, who served as the event’s keynote speaker.

We’re a faceless company, we walk the walk and talk the talk. The environment is vitally important to us; we want our team, our product and our customers to reflect the positive change we want for the environment we live in,” Marketing Director, Elish Patel adds.

Peak Designs donates 1% of all revenues to environmental nonprofits and plays an active role in the ‘Conservation Alliance,’ a collective of businesses doing their part to preserve America’s wild places. An #oathofaction to the company’s development of the ‘Give A Shot’ platform, connecting creatives and nonprofits in need of technical expertise. A platform helping preserve the Adirondacks, Massachusetts Wild Forest, Endangered Species and more. Join the movement!

Gearminded is a word that symbolizes a passion for adventure; a passion for nature; and a passion for the gear that guides us to wild places. While this mindset doesn’t need to be all inclusive, Peak Design certainly embodies these values and we are certainly inspired by their mission for a better tomorrow through thoughtful design.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack
Riding the Peak Design Everyday bag.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Thanks for stopping by. Now go take some photos!

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