The Dust Lust

“In 2015 we traveled to Italy to ride one of the biggest bikepacking events in the world; the Tuscany trail. We fell in love with the simplicity of the race, the beautiful places that we traveled through and the camaraderie of the racers. It became clear to us that something similar has to be done back home.

Slovenia has the perfect playground for off road cycling. Gravel roads, forest roads, small local asphalt roads… you name it. We wanted show some of these roads to a broader public, and an unsupported gravel race seemed like the perfect way to do it.”

The Dust Lust is a bicycle race through the outskirts of our capital city. The roads are mostly gravel and dirt, some are paved, but all of them remote. The race is physically challenging, goes through beautiful places, and is suitable for variations of road bikes as well as mountain bikes. The racers have to navigate through the race by themselves, they can ride in groups if they want to, but they must be self-reliant, meaning; if anything goes wrong you might as well figure it out on your own. By the end of the day, it’s not the race that matters. What you end up with is the feeling of achievement an unforgettable adventure in the memory book.

The shots filmed in this video were captured on the 29th of October 2016 at the Dust Lust Southwest race. The racers had to ride through 170km of gravel, dirt and paved roads and gained more than 2500m of elevation before reaching the finish.

Directed by: Tina Lagler & Blaž Miklič & Marko Šajn

Camera operators: Tina Lagler & Blaž Miklič
Gimbal operator: Blaž Miklič
Aerial operator & Camera: Blaž Miklič

Editor: Tina Lagler
Colourist: Blaž Miklič

Music: The Men – Country Song

Event Managers: Marko Šajn & Klemen Čepir

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