The Caribou – Bikerafting in the Utah Desert

Heading out into the backcountry with Alpacka rafts and the new Caribou design. The Caribou is the lightest, full-size packraft on the market. Their innovative, exclusive Late Rise Bow allows for heavy front end loading, yet doesn’t affect the balance of the boat on or off the water. It navigates whitewater (paddler & load dependent). They designed it as a bikeraft, but it’s also ideal for ultralight solo hunting and backpacking. Learn more:

About Alpacka Rafts

Today, every Alpacka Raft is manufactured by hand in our Mancos, Colorado factory by skilled craftsmen and women that are dedicated to their craft. The current models are the product of years of experiments, re-design, and great feedback from the boating community.  Sheri remains our head designer and Thor rejoined the company in 2016 to handle our day to day operations, strategic planning, and design assistance.  Thor’s wife Sarah is also on board and can be found doing everything from answering phones and emails to giving Sheri’s latest creation a whirl on the water. On any given day, up to 75% of our shop staff may be dogs.  We continue to build tiny, little boats for those who demand something unreasonable from them.  Our designs and innovation have completely redefined the sport, and with the help of adventurers all over the world, pushed packrafting further than we ever thought possible.

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