Tandem Downhill – A Short Mountain Bike Film

A tandem downhill mountain bike? Did I hear that right? Indeed! Talk about testing a relationship… The Green’s have mastered the art of riding technical trails — on the same bike. In fact, since there aren’t many tandem full-suspension bike options on the market, Jeff built his own. 27.5” wheels, 63.5 degree head angle, 200 millimeters of travel—sounds like a downhill bike, right? Well, what about a 1940-millimeter wheelbase with cranksets, handlebars, and seats? Yes, that’s plurals. This is one of those bikes you have to see to believe. And for Jeff and Rose, well, they will forever be a power couple.

Welcome to the world of tandem with Jackson and Rose Green! …Read the full article in this months SPOKE magazine – out now! http://www.facebook.com/theperfectline http://www.instagram.com/theperfectline http://www.theperfectline.co.nz

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