Stio Presents: Attack and Release

For Stio Ambassador and chef Ranga Perera, the outdoors have been essential to healing from loss. After emigrating with his parents to the U.S. from Sri Lanka, Ranga lost his father to a heart attack. Coping with the loss eventually led him to Montana, where he was drawn to the magic of fly fishing and the solace of the river. Through being in nature and meeting the challenges of his personal journey, he learned the importance of mindfulness and of living life with an open heart.

Presented By: Stio

Featuring: Ranga Perera

Director: Tom Attwater

Cinematographers: Lane Brown / Tom Attwater

Editor: Tom Attwater

Sound Recordist: Jeff Mclain

Sound Mix: Gabe Sweeney

Colorist: Alex Winker

Music: Jesse Woods

Supporting Sponsors: American Rivers / Tom Morgan Rodsmiths

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