Shady Business Is Serious Business With This New Shelter And Chair From Kelty

Kelty Shade Maker 2 Canopy

The Kelty Shade Maker 2 and Mesh Lowdown Chair feel at home in the Mojave Desert of California.

It’s a good thing that Summer is in sight. But although we welcome the brighter days in Southern California, the season presents challenges when going outdoors. From the beaches to the desert, the California sun can be your best friend one moment and your worst enemy the next. Thankfully we are prepared this year with the new Kelty Shade Maker 2 and Low Down Chair. With so many exciting adventures planned, all we truly need this summer is a Kelty roof over our heads and a sturdy chair to relax in.

Escaping the sun With The Kelty Shade Maker 2

Earlier this year, we embarked on a four day trip to Death Valley, which presented us with unfavorable weather conditions. A seemingly routine drive turned into a 1200 mile, three-state excursion. The weather beat up some of our gear and destroyed one of our camping canopies.  We gave Kelty a call to see if they could help us out with our lounge needs for the summer, and they didn’t disappoint, sending us the Shade Maker 2 and Mesh Lowdown Chair.

Kelty Shade Maker 2 beach tent

Kelty Shade Shelter Canopy in the desert
When it comes to being in the in the summer heat for extended periods, it’s crucial to cool down often, especially if you have the little ones with you. Canopies or shelters (the same) and camp chairs are essential base camp items. In the past, we’ve had some trouble finding a shelter option that was low enough to the ground, allowing for a comfortable lounging arrangement while also withstanding wind, sand, and dirt. The Kelty Shade Maker 2 fits this niche perfectly. And with simple setup and easy to use connecting clips, we had this shelter up in a breeze.

Kelty tent poles
Kelty Shade Shelter 2 stakes

During our full day of testing in the Mojave Desert, we experienced wind gusts of 40mph. Although Kelty doesn’t advertise this feature, the Shade Maker 2 stood its ground like a champ. The included guy lines and aluminum-hybrid poles provided enough support and flex, keeping the shelter intact and upright. For comparison, we setup a different canopy system alongside the Kelty, but were forced to secure it to the truck. We can confidently say that the Kelty performed well above expectations in this environment.

NOTE: we didn’t set out to camp in these extremely windy conditions. Often, the weather changes at a moments notice when you least expect it. Mainly when responsible for the experience of others, we recommend using gear that’s rated beyond expected weather conditions. As the saying goes, “it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Kelty Shade Shelter 2 Canopy

The tent-like poles let the canopy flex as the relentless gusts tried to push it around. Without this feature, our trip would have been over before it began. The high front and low back helped to keep the shade low to the ground, perfect for laying down. Some may not like how low the canopy is arched with a low roofline, and we would say this is probably not the best setup for cooking. But when it comes to providing shelter from the sun and wind, it’s going to be hard to beat.

Kelty Mesh Lowdown Chair

Kelty Mesh Low Down Chair

With relaxation in mind, we wanted a chair that could sit reasonably low to the ground, and offer a relaxed seated position, with slight recline. The Kelty Mesh Lowdown Chair filled this void perfectly.

Kelty Mesh Low Down Chair

The chair had a very sturdy feel — this is what a steel frame will give you — low seating position, adjustable back, and built-in cup holder you’ll be set for a full day of relaxing. Especially in the desert, we appreciated the mesh bottom and breathable seat-back as it kept us cool most of the day, without the dreaded back-sweat. The polyester seat material made the clean-up of spills painless; a little water is needed. We can’t forget to mention the cup holder is insulated.

Kelty Mesh Low Down Chair

Packaged securely in a padded multi-function roll-tote, the Kelty Mesh Lowdown Chair is a comfortable chair for car or RV camping. No longer is a chair just a chair; it’s an integral part of the camping experience. NOTE: If you have difficulty getting out of a seat that sits low, also take a look at the Kelty Deluxe Lounge Chair.

Kelty Mesh Low Down Chair

By pairing the Shade Shelter with the Lowdown Chair, we found a versatile and trustworthy lounge option for summer camping and weekend beach days. These two pieces of family-oriented equipment built with durability and simplicity in mind.  And most importantly, they won’t get in the way of your fun and relaxation.

Photos and review by Corey Tull.

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