See a Scenic Gravel Bike Adventure in Iceland

Have you ever visited the north-westernmost point of Europe on a gravel bike? Let BMC take you to Iceland’s Westfjords in their latest video—a stunning scenic journey. 

On this trip, rider Oliver Andorfer and cyclists embarked on a bikepacking adventure in Iceland’s Westfjords, facing challenging weather conditions and experiencing stunning landscapes. They started in Isafjördur and rode along the coast, encountering beautiful scenery, whales, and changing weather. 

Despite the unpredictable conditions, they had an unforgettable journey, explored the remote region, and completed their cycling loop.

Watch the riders experience eight days covering almost 850 km and over 10,000 meters of elevation gain on the most beautiful gravel routes in Northwest Iceland. All on one of BMC’s gravel bikes, of course.

Iceland’s Gravel Bike Scenery Highlights

  • The group explored Iceland’s Westfjords by bike, allowing them to fully experience the wind, weather, and landscape.
  • They started their journey in Isafjördur and rode along the coast, encountering breathtaking landscapes and changing weather conditions.
  • While cycling, they watch whales for hours, adding to the memorable experiences.
  • The weather in Iceland’s Westfjords is unpredictable, with rapid changes from wind, rain, and cold to sunshine within minutes.
  • They recommend trying the delicious fish soup in the region and advise planning due to the limited availability of food options.
  • The group completed their cycling loop around Iceland’s Westfjords, covering various terrains, experiencing steep climbs, and enjoying scenic descents to the fjords.
  • The journey concludes in Isafjördur, marking the end of their challenging but rewarding adventure in Iceland’s Westfjords.
  • Find the whole Route on KOMOOT:…

Why Iceland is the Perfect Destination for Gravel Riding and Site-Seeing

Varied and Spectacular Landscapes

Iceland is renowned for its breathtaking and diverse landscapes, which make for an incredible gravel cycling experience. From rugged coastlines and black sand beaches to vast lava fields, sparkling glaciers, towering mountains, and geothermal areas, the country offers a wide range of stunning scenery to explore.

Gravel cycling allows you to venture off the beaten path and immerse yourself in these dramatic landscapes, providing a unique and exhilarating adventure.

Minimal Traffic and Remote Routes

One of the most significant advantages of gravel cycling in Iceland is the minimal traffic and abundance of remote routes. While the main ring road can get busier during the summer, venturing onto gravel roads takes you away from the crowds and into more peaceful surroundings.

A network of gravel roads crisscrosses the country, many well-maintained and suitable for cycling. These remote routes offer a sense of tranquility and solitude, allowing you to connect with nature and experience the vastness of Iceland without distractions.

Challenging Terrain and Adventure

Gravel cycling in Iceland offers a unique blend of physical challenge and adventure. The terrain can be rugged, with varying surfaces, including gravel, dirt, and rocky sections. This provides an exciting and dynamic riding experience requiring skill and endurance.

Iceland’s weather conditions can also add an element of adventure, with rapidly changing weather patterns, wind, and occasional rain. Overcoming these challenges while surrounded by the country’s awe-inspiring landscapes creates a sense of accomplishment and an unforgettable cycling adventure.

Overall, Iceland’s varied and spectacular landscapes, minimal traffic and remote routes, and the challenging terrain and adventure it offers make it an ideal destination for gravel cycling enthusiasts seeking a one-of-a-kind experience.

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