Savage Waters Trailer: A Treasure Hunt for Massive Waves

Free-spirited British sailor Matt Knight has devoted his life to seeking adventure. When he stumbles upon a 19th-century record of an oceanic treasure hunt, written by a man who shares his surname, he feels an immediate kinship with the author. What he wasn’t expecting to find was a detailed, three-page passage describing a massive wave breaking on an isolated island chain in the Atlantic. 

Intrigued, Knight and his wife, Suzanne Hobbs, set off on a treasure hunt of their own to locate the giant wave. A quest spanning several years, the expedition ends up enlisting the participation of the couple’s four children, along with world-class big wave surfer Andrew Cotton, who hopes to be the first to surf this fabled wave. Savage Waters is an exhilarating and inspiring tale of personal discovery and reflects the curiosity, courage, and indomitable spirit of an extraordinary family.  


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