Salsa Cycles Presents: Banana Belt Bike People

Chaffee County, Colorado is home to a near-perfect mountain bike climate. Meet some of the local figures who keep the wheels turning (and learn what a “banana belt” is) in the second episode of our For the Love of Dirt film series.

What bikes are seen in the film?

Salsa Horsethief

Horsethief is the trail bike that prompts you to ride more: more miles, more terrain, more boldly. The 140 mm of front suspension and 120 mm of travel out back mean you can point the Horsethief down just about any trail and roll with confidence. The Split Pivot® rear suspension system all but eliminates brake chatter and pedal bob. The flip-chip and compatibility with 29” or 27.5 plus wheels add a layer of versatility to the whole package.

Salsa Spearfish

Every efficiency goes a long way when you’re going a long way. Spearfish is full of touches designed to make tough rides easier, and easy rides more fun. The Split Pivot® suspension offers awesome pedaling efficiency and braking performance. 120 mm of travel up front is complemented by the 100 mm of travel outback. Dual water bottle capacity in the frame triangle is the icing on the cake. Spearfish is a light and agile XC and endurance mountain machine for when every ounce of effort matters.

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