Respecting Nature by Propelling Circularity With Arc’teryx ReBird

To address waste, Arc’teryx introduces ReBird, a nest for circularity initiatives, to shape fashion’s linear take-make-waste economy into a loop of endless possibilities.

The fashion industry manufactures 100 billion garments annually – enough for every human on the planet to buy something new to wear every month. Three out of five of those pieces will end up in landfill within the year. 

Arc’teryx has never been a fast-fashion brand – they intentionally build things to last. But the garments tbey make are very resource-intensive – 65% of the lifetime impact happens before a piece even makes it to the store rack – from the creation of raw materials and the manufacture of the garment alone.  

ReBirdTM is a hub of initiatives in upcycling, resale, care and repair, that lets Arc’teryx users arc us towards a more circular way of operating.

Propelling circularity is now a key focus for the company as they target net-zero, and ReBird™ is the program where Arc’teryx brings circularity to life. 

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