Rapaha – The Bike Is A Source Of Inspiration

For Drew Ginn, Jesse Carlsson, Katya Crema and Tony D’Alberto, dedication to a goal has shaped their lives. Four athletes from different disciplines, they have all experienced majestic highs and catastrophic lows in their careers – and have each turned to the bike as a source of inspiration and escape. In this short film by Kintaro Studios they share their perspectives on riding, and the rewards that come from commitment.

Whether you grow up riding or not, the bike has a transformative effect on humans. The stories of these three athletes see to remind everyone out there that you can persevere through any challenge and surpass the expectations that others reach with raw talent.

Drew Ginn

A five-time world champion rower and triple Olympic gold medalist, Drew is one of Australia’s most decorated athletes. A back injury in 2000 threatened to end his career, and forced him to withdraw from that year’s home Olympics in Sydney. He turned his attention to cycling during a period of rehabilitation and hasn’t looked back since.

Jesse Carlsson

A former BMX world champion, theoretical physicist, and ultra-endurance cyclist, Jesse has a keen interest in testing his physical and mental limits. In 2015 he won the Trans Am bike race, a 7,000km unsupported, non-stop race across the USA. He now stages his own events which attract the toughest endurance cyclists on the planet.

Katya Crema

Over her relatively short career, Katya achieved five Australian National Ski Cross Championship titles, four Australian National Alpine Championship titles, and seventh place in ski cross at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games – Australia’s best result in the sport. Retiring in 2015, Katya remains active in the winter Olympic community, acting as the alpine athlete representative on the Ski & Snowboard Australia board.

Tony D’Alberto

Progressing through the junior categories of Formula Ford and V8 Supercar Development Series, Tony reached the pinnacle of Australian motorsport, V8 Supercars, winning gold in the driver standings in 2007. He now races for DJR Team Penske, and competes in the prestigious Australian GT Championship in a Ferrari.

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