Q&A With Jim Santos, Fog City Gear

Fog City Gear cycling bag
Alan Sanders, All City Nature Bot Disc with frame bag

Fog City Gear ”Quality Cycle Gear Made in Fog City”

Tucked away on a quiet street in the Mission District of San Francisco, lies the home to Fog City Gear. Here, Jim Santos hand crafts each handle bar bag one-by-one, stitch-by-stitch, zip-by-zip. It is also here where ‘Quality Gear Made in Fog City’ is not just a slogan but a lifestyle.

Inspired by companies like Outlier and Ruthworks, Fog City Gear is built for whatever the climate throws your way. Jim’s bag’s are as rugged as the tools it holds; crafted with quality x-pac sailcloth, U.S. made martexin-waxed canvas and YKK aqua-gaurd zips to keep your essentials dry. Whether you’re riding a brevet, a local stammtisch, or commuting from point A to point B, Fog City Gear has got you covered and protected.

If 2016 was any glimpse into the future, 2017 looks bright. Jim has big plans and here at Gearminded, we’re excited to see where he’s heading.

We sat down with owner Jim Santos for a Q&A session:

Interview by, Aaron Tirazona – @atirazona2

What do you love most about cycling? 

It (cycling), is the most efficient form of human powered transportation. That mixed with the environment that we’re in; we can cross the Golden Gate Bridge and both physically and emotionally be separated from the city. There are few urban areas in the world where one can do this.

How did Fog City Gear come to fruition? 

It evolved from a hobby and it met a demand. It’s that simple. From there I thought I should try to scale. And that’s where I am at now.

Knowing that Fog City Gear has grown organically — great news for all the dreamers out there, where do you go from here? 

I think you quickly realize, you can either be collaborative or cutthroat. Where you create something that is super high end and limited or something that is made as cheap as possible. It  all tends to polarize; there’s simply not enough margin in it.

Local brand collaboration for marketing and design input, is definitely the way to go. I’ve added headcount and now can focus on design and marketing, working with fellow entrepreneurs here in SF. I’ve found my rhythm.

Interview with Jim Santos of Fog City Gear
Grant Lacey – Peugeot with camo bag

Recently you began a weekly get-together called #CoffeeOutsideSF, which has evolved into a weekly tradition. How did this start? 

Coffee is a big deal in San Francisco, it’s engrained into the culture here. Unlike other cities, there weren’t any regular “Coffee Outside Rides” taking place. A few friends and I scoped out a few locations up and down Hawk Hill and landed on Battery Wagner. It has the best views and provides the best space to lay out our equipment. We can literally look out to the city as onlookers — an environment we’re normally immersed in. It’s all about the experience, cycling provides an entirely new social aspect unlike any other sport.

Friday mornings are for coffee and bikes! Are you currently living in the San Francisco area or visiting some time soon? Grab a bike and join the ride to Battery Wagner — every Friday at 6:30a.m.

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