Powerplay: Wade Simmons in the South of France

Last month marked a huge milestone for Rocky Mountain, as they launched the Altitude Powerplay eMTB. They have been developing it from the ground up to ride like a proper mountain bike, and are excited to release a film of Wade Simmons doing just that.

As the Godfather of Freeride, Wade needs no introduction. They travelled to the South of France to document his first experience on the new bike, and had an incredible time. This is an exciting new category, and they hope this film contributes to the discussion!

The goal was to travel to the South of France, with its warm climate, spectacular trails, and delicious carbohydrates, exploring what Rocky Mountain’s DNA brings to eMTBs.

Full story: bikes.com/powerplayfrance

Video by Liam Mullany
Additional Filming by Gaetan Riou
Edited by David Peacock & Liam Mullany
Produced by Brian Park
Post Production Sound by Keith White Audio
Photography by Matt Wragg
Special thanks to Fred Glo, Lilian Georges, Edgar Martins, Tribe Sport Group, Gaetan Riou, Sarah Tatine, & Gaetan Dupin

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