Photographing the Solo Bicycle Tour Around the World

A vast landscape, a tiny cyclist in the frame, and a picture taken from a far distance. Advanced technology and big-budget equipment must be involved, right? Wrong.

Every time Kamran posts his cycling photos on the internet, he gets one particular question, which he has answered so many times:

“Who takes your pictures?”

“Are you traveling with a crew?” 

“Are these photos taken with a drone?”

“Is there a photographer traveling with you?” 

“Or even, is there a helicopter covering my journey.”

Kamran on Bike’s followers

The answer is no. Here is how they are taken!

He takes all of his photos himself by using a tripod and a camera intervalometer. He sometimes has to spend hours to get the right shot. Occasionally, He also uses a drone to film himself. There is no one else traveling with me.

Kamran’s reality is a revelation for many people viewing his content. How on Earth is this man cycling the world and capturing stunning landscape photography with a basic camera kit and ingenuity is what they’re thinking. 

As he shows us, the answer is always motivation, creativity, and determination. Kamran has all of it. 

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