Photo Essay: Kammok Roo Goes to South Africa

Kammok Too Camping Hammock

“Every paradise needs a Kammok”

The Roo by Kamok is trustworthy piece of adventure travel gear that has proven itself in a plethora of environments. Lightweight, incredibly durable, very strong, simple to use and really, really comfortable. The Roo takes seconds to set up, you can strap it to just about anything and it can carry 2 adults simultaneously without concern. The diamond rip-stop fabric used feels great to the touch; smooth, soft and of solid construction. A slightly higher price-tag than it’s competitors and the necessity to purchase the straps separately are just about the only aspects that may raise questions when searching for your next hammock. But, as with the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. We have no doubts that this travel hammock will last us for years as we adventure to far of destinations.

Every piece of outdoor gear that Kammok designs incorporates a high-quality look and feel – the Roo is no different. Even the stuff sack is crafted to withstand quite a beating – which is a blessing in my world. Whether I’m working on a client project, or taking some time to myself, I need the comfort of knowing that I won’t have to deal with a repair issue while on the road.

Camping Hammock Camping Hammock and stuff sackKammok Python Straps Kammok Python Straps Kammok Python Straps

With an initial stop in Johannesburg, I packed my Kammok Roo and Python Straps for a highly anticipated trip to Kruger National Park with one goal on my mind; departing on an unforgettable safari. Lions, elephants and giraffes, I wanted to see it all. By first nightfall I made it to Berg-en-dal rest camp; part of the South Africa National Park system. Who knew that lounging in a hammock could be an adrenaline-pumping experience. I had done my research and was aware that this region was fairly concentrated with wild African dogs (not a dingo) as well as leopards. Sleep with one eye open!

kammok-roo8 Multi-person hammock

24 hours later I packed my gear and drove north to Skukuza Rest Camp, where I lived for a week straight. This is the largest stop in Kruger National Park and offers all of the amenities that we needed to touch base with the modern world, a.k.a work. With tents and huts sprawling throughout the park the Kammok was at home here and even gained attention from onlookers. A Roo, Python Straps, and a pair of binoculars are all a traveler needs on a trip such as this. After seven days of pure wild freedom I headed to SABI River Sun Resort for a conclusion to my trip. The abundant wildlife and warm African hospitality made this jaunt truly unforgettable. With an optional spa and mesmerizing golf course, I found myself posting up in the hammock more often than sleeping in the provided accommodations. The Mpumalanga province was the perfect region to conclude my safari search.

Kammok Roo HammockElephants in Kruger National ParkKammok Roo Hammock Kammok Roo HammockKammok Roo

We’ve used the Roo from South Africa to Central California, hung it from trees, beams and buildings without a single failure – thanks to the Kammok Python Straps. I’ve put six rowdy children in it, 2 huge dudes, napped in it, chilled in it and generally given it a good beating, all the while having a really relaxing and really enjoyable time!


  • Lightweight
  • Small carry size for car camping and distance travel
  • Holds 2 people or up to 500 lbs
  • Durable construction
  • High Quality material
  • Very Comfortable with or without sleeping bag
  • Excellent Python Strap system
  • Very easy to setup and take down
  • Handy built in stuff sack and clip rings

Beds are overrated!

Reviewed by Stuart Dooley,


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