Paying Back in the Scottish Highlands by H+I Adventures

Specialist mountain bike tour operator H+I Adventures released a new video, Paying Back, highlighting their commitment to trail sustainability. The video shows lead guide, Chris Gibbs, repairing a section of trail in the Scottish Highlands, reflecting on the importance of preserving the trails for future riders. 

In every destination in which they travel, H+I take trail sustainability seriously, with their team instrumental in creating, fixing and generally looking after the wellbeing of the trails and landscapes through which they travel. The company recognizes they are the custodians of the trails and that in bringing riders to their favorite trails, they must also be responsible for the upkeep of these trails to ensure they remain in good shape for everyone to enjoy for years to come.

On their home turf in the Highlands of Scotland, H+I have recently taken steps to formalize their commitment to trail sustainability by making trail maintenance part of the role of lead guide Chris Gibbs. Chris will be assessing the trails as he leads riders throughout the season on their Highland adventures. Then, in discussion with the relevant communities, he will work to repair trail damage during autumn and winter months, giving back to the trails that riders have enjoyed all summer. 

From the Cairngorms in the east to the Cuillin mountains of Skye in the west, Chris will take care of the trails across the Highlands. Making use of the battery-assistance of one of the new e-mountain bikes, he’ll repair erosion, clear out water bars, and fill holes as required to keep the trails in the best shape for all trail users.

I think we can all approve of his dedication and hard work.

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