North to the Future: Chris Burkard Writes Home From Alaska

If you have built your life & career around traveling with a camera, as many professionals have, then you know the constant struggle & pain of leaving behind the ones you love in order to experience something new. Even if just for a few days.

Life is full of opportunity costs – losing time with your family to gain professional experience and status in the world. But Chris Burkard wants you to know the power of living a passionate life. On one side of the argument, he sees the most beautiful places in North America. And on the other, he can only describe what they look like to his family at home. In the end, he knows he will return home a better person, ready to plan future adventures with his family at his side.

‘North to the Future’ is a short from my recent trip assignment to Alaska that gives an honest & intimate look at my texts, calls, and emails home to my wife and two sons. I hope some can relate to this stripped-down look at how I attempt to translate the beauty of what I see to my kids at home.

Favorite quote from Chris’ trip: “Out here, the best roads really are in the sky.”

Chris Burkard
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