National Parks: A Love Story

Last year, more than 300 million people visited America’s national parks. Unfortunately, many roads and bridges, visitor centers, historic buildings, trails and campgrounds in our parks need critical repairs and upgrades to meet the needs of today’s visitors. No matter what park you visit or how long you stay, these iconic landscapes remain with you for eternity. In fact, they often become a talking point that resurfaces throughout your life — they are that special. Especially as an American, these protected spaces represent the pinnacle of community, stewardship and most importantly, a love of nature. Everyone deserves to experience their magic. So what do you say, would you please join us in restoring what our relatives had, what we have, and what we want to gift to our children?

These parks are special places of wonder. We must meet the challenge of preserving them for our children and grandchildren. To learn more about the issue and how you can help, please visit: Music: Borrtex, “Ocean”

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