Most competitive cyclists are not like Hannah Jordan

As Hannah puts it, “It’s in my DNA to be a fighter.” You go girl! Hannah Jordan found cycling, and it saved her life. When humans are “sick” or their quality of life is below a certain level, very few activities have the power to elevate their human experience; cycling did the trick. Now she’s on the brink of a pro contract.

Most competitive cyclists don’t wear a backpack that keeps them alive as they race. But most competitive cyclists are not like Hannah Jordan. The 15-year-old Tulsa native has a rare metabolic condition that prevents her body from storing sugars. In order to survive, Jordan must always wear a backpack that houses a tube attached to her stomach. When she was younger, Jordan spent years in the hospital as doctors tried to figure out her condition. That only fueled Jordan’s desire to overcome adversity and pursue her athletic ambitions. Today, just a few years after learning to ride a bike, she is competing against adult women across the United States and is on the cusp of becoming a professional rider.


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