Mom and Daughter Cyclists Explore The Mysteries of Saint Anthony Wilderness

This next film, directed and edited by Emily Zebel, takes place on a short jaunt north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Stony Valley is part of the second-largest roadless wilderness tract of land in Pennsylvania. Originally called Saint Anthony’s Wilderness, the land is marked with remnants of an industrial haven from coal and lumbering industries, where more than 2,000+ people lived along the mountains of this beautiful valley in its heyday. After recently moving to the area, Emily and her daughter, Willow, venture out to explore their new backyard and uncover some of the valley’s hidden gems along the way.

The route for this project was a dual adventure, one part exploring the serenity of the quiet valley that is only 15-miles away from Pennsylvania’s capital city, and the other investigating the human secrets of the area. The 33-mile route took Emily and Willow on a tour up an old railroad grade, venturing off to explore historic sites, catch dinner from the trout-rich Stony Creek, and camp at Rausch Gap Shelter at the intersection of the rail grade and the storied Appalachian Trail.

About 36 Hours in Kitsbow

36 Hours in Kitsbow is a unique grant opportunity highlighting short films telling the story of a cycling adventure. At Kitsbow, we value those special experiences that allow us to reunite with our community, pedal into the unknown, and embrace the journey outside our doors. The time to disconnect from the mundane and reconnect with ourselves, our friends, and nature are the memory makers.

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