Mexico City MTB Adventure with Hans Rey & Rob Warner

Hans Rey, the godfather of trials riding, has teamed up with Rob Warner on the next installment of his Urban Adventure series, Gritty in Mexico City. Rob and Hans have known each other for several years, but to this date, they haven’t traveled on an adventure trip together before, and things got adventurous even before Rob left his home in the UK!!

Hans was putting the finishing touches to this E-MTB adventure in Mexico city the day before Rob was due to arrive, and then received a text to say Rob had cancelled his flight…It was all a misunderstanding but it got the adventure off to an ‘adventurous’ start! Gritty in Mexico city nearly ended before it began! Exploring nature and harmony vs urban jungle, chaos and traffic vs rich and poor vs famous landmarks and little known hoods all on their EP8 equipped bikes.

Mexico city is home to some 22 million people and has been inhabited for the past 2000 years, its vast in size and scale, but at its heart is a 15000ft volcano and endless streets, trails and trials opportunities for Hans and Rob to play on.

Follow these legends as the navigate their Urban Adventure and get Gritty in Mexico City!

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