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Scuba Jet

Only two months after the product launch of SCUBA JET, the company announced that it has added a innovative new extension to its product range. While adapters for SUP boards, canoes and dinghies have already been available, the much-requested Dive Adapter now complements the product range.

“We keep our customer’s wishes and requests in mind when developing the SCUBA JET and further product enhancements. During our first campaign on Kickstarter, we received so many requests regarding a dive adapter for the SCUBA JET. We realized that this was something the diver community was really asking for, so we set to work immediately to meet this request. We are very proud that we can offer a lightweight and handy alternative to existing diving scooters without compromising in performance,” says Patrizia Giovanniello, founder of SCUBA JET.

Lightweight companion – perfect for traveling 

Water sport lovers travel a lot looking for the perfect spot. The SCUBA JET meets their needs as it is easy to transport and fits in every backpack. While conventional diving scooters are often big and bulky and weigh between 10 and 25 kg (22 to 55 lbs.), the SCUBA JET has a streamlined appearance with only 3 kg (6.6 lbs.) including the Dive Adapter. “Conventional underwater scooters are most often unwieldy, whereas our SCUBA JET allows you to decide even during the dive whether you want to use it or not. If you don’t need the SCUBA JET at the moment, you can simply fix it to your buoyancy compensator – without any compromises. This simple solution is unique, there’s nothing like it on the market!” explains Giovanniello.

Attractive price for end customers and low production costs 

In addition to the easy handling, the price is incredible: the dive adapter will be sold for only 120 EUR at stores. “Having established new contacts to the industry and met with suppliers, we are now able to offer the SCUBA JET for only 590 EUR on Kickstarter at pre-order launch while the retail price will amount to 1,090 EUR. This means that we were able to reduce the price by several hundred euros,” commented Patrizia Giovanniello.

The Kickstarter campaign is launched on 12 September 2016 and aims at reaching the funding goal of 60,000 EUR by 12 October 2016 to start the serial production. “In the last two months, we were able to build up an incredibly strong and supportive community. The international media coverage was amazing and resulted in numerous interesting, fruitful conversations with supporters and investors,” says Giovanniello.

Scuba Jet

For leisure and professional use

The SCUBA JET is the perfect water sports companion for SUP boards, canoes and dinghies – and from now on also for diving. Currently there are further talks with different branches, from water sports equipment rentals to hotels which want to include the SCUBA JET in their leisure offers for their guests.

Moreover, the possibility of using the SCUBA JET at water rescue services and for lifeguards is currently being evaluated. In emergencies, whether due to exhaustion or sudden drowning, valuable time is often lost until help arrives. Thanks to its compact size of only 81 cm (31 in.) and its weight of only 3 kg (6.6 lbs.), the handling of the SCUBA JET is ideal for this kind of use.

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