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Graeme (86) and Betty (91) aren’t your “traditional tandem cyclists.” In fact, at 83 years of age Betty overcame bowel cancer in eight days thanks to her physical fitness, a result of riding her bike for so many years. Their passion for cycling is pure and refreshing. As Graham remembers it, “As soon as I met her, I said, you better buy a bike!”

From flying their bikes to Canada to cycling over the Rockies (893 miles), this bike-loving duo has pedaled all over the world together, and their happiness reflects this. Of course, their four tandems also contributed to joy felt from riding so many dream-worthy lands. Now that they are in their prime, Graeme and Betty continue to ride upwards on 1700 miles together, claiming “you are never too old to ride.” Amen, Graeme and Betty. You are an inspiration to us all. And Betty’s contagious enthusiasm is enough to brighten anyone’s day:

“People say, ‘you aren’t still on that bike, are you?'” “Yeah! I said, I’m taking it up to Heaven!”

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