Matador Advanced Series

Go behind the scenes on Matador’s mission to test the new Advanced Series line. They sent their team in search of the most inclement conditions we could find… welcome to Iceland. Rain and hail were the goal, falling rocks and a sinking Land Rover were just bonus. This is why we travel.

Meet the creatives who traveled with Matador to Iceland to test the new gear and capture the bags in action:

Matt Brodeur is an accomplished photographer and creative director based in Denver, Colorado. As a partner at Umbrla Creative, Matt focuses on visual storytelling and brand development in the digital age. Hailing from New England, and having resided in the Southeast, Matt’s moves across the country have encouraged his love for travel and experiencing new places. When he doesn’t have a camera in his hand, he can be seen eating breakfast foods at 5pm.

Adam Swartz is a natural networker and producer who is now a Managing Director and Partner at Umbrla Creative. Working to develop strong relationships with individuals and brands alike, Adam brings the right people to the right place at the right time. Also, originally hailing from the east coast, his hustle and determination are what have provided the opportunities to travel the world and work with brands like Matador. When Adam isn’t in the field bringing a shoot together, he can be found with his pup watching Caddyshack.

Michael Coen is a video producer based in Boulder, Colorado. A classic story of ditching the corporate world to pursue his passion for cinematography, travel, and storytelling, he now runs CoenFilm with his partner, Tabitha. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Michael’s love of dive bars is surpassed only by his love of travel, and rarely experiences one without the other.

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