Majestic Mountain Ride of the Granite State

Don’t overlook your own backyard, especially when it happens to be the majestic mountains of the Granite State. Pat Noonan, a serious rider and one of the North Country’s best riders, and friend Corey Smith, who has been living the Vanlife for four years, tackle an epic ride at the Bike Park at Attitash Mountain Resort in New Hampshire’s storied White Mountains.

Corey and his girlfriend, Emily King, have been crisscrossing the continent living, working and exploring in their 1987 VW Vanagon, with thousands following their adventures at Where’s My Office Now on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. (You can check them out at and @WheresMyOfficeNow.) They’ve explored rides from the deserts of Arizona to the mountains of British Columbia.

When their travels returned Corey and Emily to their New England homes this fall, Corey connected with good friend, Pat, to navigate the 20 miles of Attitash’s amazing downhill and cross-country trails he had overlooked during his youth. Loading the van up, they pointed north for an awesome, wild day of roots, loam and granite, lots and lots of granite.

Director: Sean Collins
Filming: Sean Collins & Jon King
Edit: Sean Collins
Sound: Sean Collins
Produced: Sean Collins
With Support From: Attitash Mountain Resort
In Association With:
Camera: Red Epic Dragon, DJI Phantom 4, Sony A7SII

A special thanks to Nate Waterhouse at Attitash Mountain Resort.

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