Kelty Introduces Next Generation Journey PerfectFIT™ Child Carrier With the Latest Child Safety Features

Kelty Child Carrier |

You might be wondering why we are giving special attention to the new Kelty PerfectFIT child carrier (unless you are a parent, then you know how valuable these contraptions really are). To keep it short, we understand how critical it is to help families and especially children get outdoors to experience the beauty of local environments. By continuing to improve somewhat overlooked gear such as the child carrier, Kelty is paying it forward to preserve a future generation that gives a damn.

Kelty recently launched its Journey PerfectFIT™ line of durable, easy-to-use child carriers with enhanced child safety features and increased comfort for parents. Available in stores today, the Journey PerfectFIT™ collection combines extensive testing and insight from parents with Kelty’s PerfectFIT™ on-body torso fit adjustment technology.

Three styles include:

Kelty Child Carrier

Journey PerfectFIT™ ($199.95), Journey PerfectFIT™ Signature ($259.95) and Journey PerfectFIT™ Elite ($299.95).

This line not only meets the needs of recreational consumers looking for function and versatility, but also core outdoor enthusiasts seeking top performance. All styles are available for purchase online and at specialty retail.

Kelty Child Carrier |

Kelty has long been synonymous with the kid carrier category,” said Eric Greene, senior vice president and general manager of Kelty.

This new product line answers the rising demand for increased comfort and safety with technology we’ve engineered, resulting in a solution not presently found in the marketplace, giving parents more peace of mind.

The Journey PerfectFIT™ collection features a child “cockpit” with a wide seat base, plush padding and adjustable foot stirrups for a natural resting position. It features the market’s only 360-degree aluminum roll cage providing full child protection. Kelty’s PerfectFIT™ on-body torso fit adjustment, originally designed for its backpacking packs, is standard across all models and easily adjusts to fit mom and dad so they may share the load on the trail.

Built for Play

Kelty, the originator of the external frame backpack, has been the go-to outdoor equipment brand since its founding in 1952. Today, Kelty is devoted to connecting more people to the outdoors with quality products built to last that make it easy to break away from the common daily routine. Camping doesn’t just mean next to your car. It’s a festival, a spontaneous adventure, or multi-day hike, and Kelty’s durable and easy-to use camping, backpacking and everyday outdoor gear gets you to the fun faster. Need a nudge? Let’s play.


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