Journey through Ukrainian Carpathians

What is Reiss you ask? It’s a dream, a lucid journey through Ukrainian Carpathians that shows the beauty of its nature through the eyes of a cyclist.

“I was always fascinated by mountains, cycling and the magic that happens when these two combined. That is how this video was born.”

Since this crew had no funding in took almost three months to finish this project that involved a lot of talented people. Each of them put a lot of work into the video and I greatly thankful for their efforts.

Director – Den Seleznov
Camera – Den Seleznov
Drone Camera – Andrey Kvasov
Camera Assistant – Yuriy Lazor
Sound Design – Igor Bondarenko
Titles – Ross Sokolovskyy
Driver – Mykola Kovalenko
Rider – Bohdan Lozytskyy

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