Joe Riis has the job that every child in the world dreams of: He is a celebrated National Geographic wildlife photographer. He spends his life embarking on adventures to the wildest places on Earth, often for months on end, to observe and photograph animals for National Geographic Magazine. He seemingly has the picture perfect life. Or does he?

This film tells a more personal story of an oft idolized character to remind that even those who have achieved it all still face many of the struggles that everyone else does. It also celebrates how a man’s love for the wilderness has helped to further curiosity, respect and protection for the natural world around us.

Joe speaks the thoughts many of us have but never find the courage to answer. What am I doing? What do I want to be doing? Am I living my best possible life? What makes me happy? These are all great questions, yet so many of us simply don’t know how to answer them. But as Joe highlights, at some point we must stop trying to be something we are not, accepting that happiness doesn’t usually manifest the way we envisioned it — that’s life. Embrace it.

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