Jackson Hole Mountain Guides

In their own words, meet the veteran team of Jackson Hole Mountain Guides.

For the past 15 years, Mountain Hardwear has partnered with Jackson Hole Mountain Guides to put their apparel and equipment to the test on the Grand Teton. This past summer, they sent their product team out with the Guides to test the upcoming Spring 2019 line, and created a damn good short-film in the process. As the story leads with, “There’s just something about being in a high place — that’s where the birds fly, that’s where the angels soar, where you have a higher perspective of things — you get inspired.”

About JHMG:

Jackson Hole Mountain Guides lead desert and mountain adventures in the Western U.S. Discover the vertical world with some of America’s most experienced mountain guides. People of all ages who seek outdoor adventure can find a JHMG program appropriate for their ambitions. Come explore our mountains, desert, and vertical world.

Director: Cheyne Lempe
Editor: Kevin Ulibarri
Creative Direction: Kevin Ulibarri & Juliet Ulibarri
Color: Bligh Gillies
Aeirial Cinematography: Mark Fisher
Producer: Matt Burbach
JHMG Guides: Aimee Barnes, Nadav Oakes, Lisa Van Sciver, Mark Postle, Nate Opp, Philip “Weeze” Jones

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