Is VEER’s Split Belt Drive the Future for Light Electric Vehicles?

Veer, maker of the first spliced belt drive, aims to encourage the adoption of light electric vehicle usage in local transportation as cities go green to combat climate change. With society trending away from fossil fuels, innovation in electric vehicle technology has been moving forward but the chain drive technology propelling them is still a relic of the past. With bicycle and e-bike sales at record highs in 2020, the opportunity for Veer to disrupt the drivetrain segment couldn’t be better timed. 

CEO and founder Sean Hacking says that “Just adding more gas-powered cars isn’t going to cut it anymore. We need better ways to get around and stay healthy. That’s why we’re so excited to be making sustainable living easier with our current e-bike products, and soon to broaden access with our latest tech for all kinds of new Light Electric Vehicles.”

Targeted at the light electric vehicle (LEV) segment, which includes e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-motorcycles, Veer’s Split Belt Drive is intended to replace aftermarket metal chains and secure partnerships with LEV manufacturers. The groundbreaking technology removes barriers to entry by allowing belt drive to work with existing vehicle designs, making these alternative forms of transportation accessible to more people. Veer’s carbon fiber Split Belt is as strong as a chain and allows for more efficient drive systems, meaning motors and batteries can be made smaller, lighter, and more economically. Ultimately, it means more people on bikes and greener, more sustainable lifestyles. 

Since the launch of their first Split Belt Drive in 2019 Veer has seen 200% year over year growth. With the E-bike market growing 200% in 2020 (not including e-scooter and e-motorcycle sales) and hitting a value of USD $23.89 billion, Veer is well-positioned to be a key player in that market, as well as the overall micro-mobility space.

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