Inside The New VW Camper “California” That Won’t be Available in California

Imagine seeing the perfect van for your adventure-filled life, In fact, this van is so perfect that you can picture yourself touring the country with your gear in tow as you visit every last National Park known to mankind. Sounds pretty cool! And then you learn that you can’t have that van or that vision because that perfect van won’t be available in your country. Yeah, we were pissed as well. I mean, how can you name a van, “California” and not sell it in California? Maybe it has something to do with their strict emissions standards… OK, ok, we won’t go there. Just sell us the van, pleaseeeeeee.

Well, at least you can watch along as Jalopnik takes us on a tour in the all new VW “California.” I mean what was VW thinking? Ugh.

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