How to Singlespeed a Mountain bike | The #MTBminute with H+I Adventures:

Learn how to singlespeed a mountain bike | The #MTBminute with H+I Adventures:

H+I Adventures have crafted a series of #MTBminute videos designed to give you easy-to-follow tips for your mountain bike life; In this installment of #MTBminute they are showing you the best way to keep your wheels¬†turning even if you do destroy your rear derailleur…

Traveling the world with your mountain bike is an amazing experience, but sometimes mechanical issues arise when you are wild riding. One of the toughest pieces of kit on your bike is the chain, but really only in one direction, you cross the chain or have a weak link and your day could get a lot worse.

In this episode of the #MTBMinute Chris will show you how to singlespeed your bike in order to get you home with no further drama.

With these few top tips and a slice of good luck you’ll be home ready to visit the local bike shop for replacement parts to get your beloved steed up and running again.

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