How to Fix a Flat Tire With Tips From REI

Maybe you’ve heard: bikes are all the rage at the moment. We hope this trend holds for a very long time. While more people are riding, it’s plausible to predict that more people will work on their bikes. Why not learn to complete basic bike maintenance on your own.

In this video from REI, Jason demonstrates how to fix a flat and change a tire from start to finish, with helpful tips along the way. Go riding with confidence that your next flat tire will barely slow you down. 

0:24 List of the tools you’ll need 

1:45 Removing the front wheel 

3:24 Removing a back wheel

5:12 How to remove the tire from the rim 

9:40 How to patch a tube

13:56 Putting the tire back on the rim

16:32 Getting the wheels back on the bike

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